Influencer Marketing – Spark More Interest in Your Small Business!

Influencer Marketing for small business

You’ve probably already seen the magical powers of influencer marketing.

You see your friend with a cool new gadget, and ask him or her where they got it. It’s right up your alley, and you run out to get it. You trust your friend’s judgement because you know them.

Imagine that same concept on a much larger scale (complete with things like laser focused market research, and key performance indicators…).

Influencer marketing is already happening all the time, but if you’re a small business, you’ll need to give it a little push to get the ball rolling.

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Why not use that to its fullest potential to grow your business? If the concept is fuzzy to you and you have some questions, keep reading!

First of all, what (who) is an influencer?

When talking about influencer marketing – Someone who has taken the time to build a large following on social media.

Their audience trusts them. They’re trendsetters and taste-makers.


…have a blog, a video channel on YouTube, an Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter, or all of the above.

…are social media masters.

…most likely have a specific niche, and a finely-tuned style or voice that their followers can’t get enough of.

…go where the people are (specifically their people, which is the most important part!)

…know how to engage with their audience, and they do it often.

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How many followers do they need to be an effective influencer?

Influencer Marketing - Find out what makes an effective brand influencer.

One doesn’t need to be a Kylier Jenner to be an effective influencer ($250k per post)…

But most influencers don’t have over 94 million followers on Instagram, and as a small business, you aren’t trying to spend that much (let alone on ONE post).

Keep in mind, numbers aren’t everything.

Someone with 3,000 followers can be highly effective, IF…

  • They share your target market.
  • Their voice/style/vision aligns with your brand.
  • They’ve mastered the art of engagement (they have lots of “LIKES”, comments, shares, etc.)
  • They present the sponsored post seamlessly into their blog or feed, almost as if it was just another one of their posts.

That last bullet point, however, can be tricky, which leads me to the next thing I need to tell you about…

The possible danger of influencer marketing (and the solution).

An advertisement on the side of a website is pretty straight forward. You know that it’s an advertisement, and you know the website got paid to have it there.

The ads on your Facebook feed have a clear “SPONSORED” mark right above them.

It’s legally required to let you know right off the bat that you’re seeing something because a business paid money for you to see it.

The danger with influencer marketing, is it can be hard to enforce this disclosure.

The audience has to understand that they are seeing something, or the influencer is talking about an item because they are being compensated.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates this, to prevent any misleading content.

This is a good thing! A talented influencer will still be able to send a larger audience and more sales your way.

The bottom line: If it can bring credibility of the product into question, then there should be a sponsorship disclosure. You can read all the details on what needs to be disclosed on the FTC website.

How can I disclose a sponsored post and still get people to click on it?

If you’re matched up with the right influencer for your brand, this shouldn’t be an issue.

This is why market research is especially relevant. If you know your customers extremely well and know what they want, and if they adore the influencer you’ve chosen to work with, you can create a wonderful relationship of trust.

How do I find influencers who are right for my brand?

Search social media

Seems like a huge time-sucker, but you can type keywords in the search bars on Faceook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, or Google. Use keywords relevant to what you want to promote. You’re likely to find people who have a lot of followers, who have already worked with brands in the past.

Influencers are good at making sure the right types of people can easily find them, so they use lots of relevant keywords and hashtags.

Follow them

Since numbers aren’t everything, you can’t just glance at their follower count. Follow them to see how active they are, as well as keep a close eye on how many of their posts garner comments, responses, retweets, likes, etc.

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Find out if they’re open to sponsorships

See if they have a website and look for a media kit. If you don’t see one, or if they don’t have a website, message them and ask them.

Go through an influencer marketplace

You can search for social media influencers for free (or free trial) on sites like Inkybee, Blogdash, Buzz Stream or Group High.

Use our Match Maker Service

First of all, we collect data from both brands and influencers. Furthermore, w do the leg work in making sure you find the right match! It’s free and easy to apply, and we’ll let you know as soon as we find your match. Click here to learn more about The Match Maker.

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Let’s Wrap It Up

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Freelance copywriter since 2009. Writer since she could hold a pencil. Dabbles in art and design. Obsessed with outer space, the metaphysical and things that smell good. You can check out her own handmade perfume business at

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Freelance copywriter since 2009. Writer since she could hold a pencil. Dabbles in art and design. Obsessed with outer space, the metaphysical and things that smell good. You can check out her own handmade perfume business at

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