Creative Small Business Owners Facebook Group

The Creative Small Business Owners Facebook group is for …

Sharing experiences and wisdom.

Asking for helpful advice, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc.

Making friends and network with other like-minded creative small business owners.

If you’re looking for the A Cup of Awesome Facebook Page, go here:

Small Business Owners Facebook Group

The DO’s and DON’T’s:

Be respectful. Anyone using hateful language will be banned immediately. We want to keep this up-beat, helpful and fun for all of our members. Use constructive criticism!

Share info. Feel free to post something helpful that will help other business owners or aspiring business owners. That’s what this is all about! Post a link to an article you found helpful, your own words, etc.

Use inappropriate language (when appropriate…). While we don’t believe cursing itself is bad, let’s keep it to a minimum and be careful of the context (refer to rule #1 about being nice). A well-warranted “fuck yeah” is okay. 🙂

Search before you post. Type your question in the search bar on the Small Business Owners Facebook Group page to see if a specific question or topic was already addressed in a previous post. It’s better than having a bunch of redundant posts.

Have fun. Have fun, and make each other laugh!

DO NOT post promos. That’s not what the group feed is for. We do fun posts pretty often where you can comment with a link or mention of your business, so we can network and share (see below for the “Weekly Fun Stuff”).

DO NOT ask people to “PM you for info”. Or outright promote yourself in a comment.

DO NOT post affiliate links. Leave those on your own pages.

DEFINITELY DO NOT post link bait or spam. Nobody likes those, and you’ll get banned.

Weekly Fun Stuff:

Monday Hustle. (Because “Monday Motivation” is too overdone!) Set your goal for the week, so we can keep each other accountable. Let us know in the comments on our Monday Hustle post what you plan to accomplish this week. Let us cheer you on!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday. Share a helpful bit of info. Tips and tricks on a certain topic each week to keep this organized.

Big Win Wednesday. This is our link party (click here to find out more about that). We post to the group on Wednesday and ask you to share your most recent “WIN” with us (it doesn’t even have to be a big win!) in a comment.

Throwback Thursday. Get to know each other better and and share your beginnings, fond memories etc. We post each Thursday asking for your throwbacks in the comments.

Friday Funnies. What made you laugh this past week? A good meme? A silly video? Post it in the comments.

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